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My passion is entertainment! My goal is to make as much of it as possible before I die!!! When I was a kid my favorite movies were the original "King Kong" and "Ghostbusters". Once I discovered Godzilla however, his films quickly became my new favorites. The "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" tv show and toys expanded my horizons and at the age of 7 I began my martial arts training in the hopes that I too could one day become a ninja... and maybe even an amphibious reptile... if I was diligent. "Super Mario Bros. 3" was the first videogame I ever played. I was suprised to learn how awesome life could be. But alas, it was on my best friend's Nintendo, and I did not aquire my own console until many years later when I recieved a Sega Genesis for Christmas. The quality of my life instantly skyrocketed. My martial arts studies on the other hand floundered, due to the fact that I was pudgy and untalented. However, at the age of 11, I simultaneously discovered 2 life changers: 1). Jackie Chan. 2). Dragonball Z. Needless to say, even just one of these would have supplied enough motivation/inspiration to last multiple lifetimes, but together they formed what was undoubtedly the best, most powerful "fusion" of my life. Since then I have become Mike Chat's (XMA Founder) student and competed both nationally and internationally, winning the gold medal in junior forms at the 1999 WKA World Championships in

Hannover, Germany, and the silver cup for junior weapons at the 1st International Tournament of Artistic Martial Arts in Paris, France in 2001. My martial arts/acrobatic skills also landed me the lead part in a national Burger King commercial promoting their DBZ kids meals (YES!), a supporting role (teenage Kismet) in the independent film "Shadow Fury", and now, a chance to compete as Hyper-Strike (!!!) on the 2nd season of Stan Lee's "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?" The final major piece of my life is circus. I began training in circus arts at the age of 13, hoping only to supplement my martial arts. However, I soon dropped competing in martial arts for performing them along with many other things. I got into Circus Smirkus and performed with their Big Top Summer Tour in 2001 (Sci-Fi Theme), 2002 (Western Theme), and 2003 (Superhero Theme!). Since then I have performed at SeaWorld in San Antonio, with The Much Ado Circus in St. Louis, Atomic Clown in New York, The Midnight Circus here in Chicago, and on my own as a street performer. Busking is awesome! Can't wait to do more!!! I've also worked a bit as a coach, for both Circ-Esteem and Circus Smirkus. I coached the Perch and Ladder acts in this year's show (Zoot-Suit Caper Theme). In The Short Term: I want to headline a major circus show, performing acts of skill, character, and comedy seamlessly combined for your viewing pleasure! In The Long Term: I want to write/direct live performance, videogames, and animation.















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